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Board Members, 

Business owners,

Sr. Executives, Scientists, and Clinicians…

Do you have a new product idea?  Are you in need of expertise to help your company grow?

Imagine being able to transform it into a product sooner that you’ve ever imagined.

Without the guidance of an expert who has been where you are right now, your chances of failing will be very high. That’s because it can be very tough to navigate from novel idea to product on the market.

In fact, a research revealed that only 1 in 100 makes it through the whole process successfully.

Now listen carefully...

To succeed, you need strategic effort, grit, perhaps some luck, and most importantly, a highly experienced and
extremely successful mentor.


Even if you pull through without a mentor, it could take you years of trial and errors and cost you a fortune.

My name is Susan Goebel. I’ve had been in the corporate and entrepreneurial world for 20+ years.

In that time I’ve helped many top entrepreneurs and business owners (I know personally) to turn the pieces of ideas in their heads into 8 Figure products.


I’ve been bringing products to the world using my bioscience knowledge and business development strategies.  And I believe that other doctors, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs I shared my secrets with have been doing the same. I kept updating the formula, and my results and those of my clients kept getting better.

I co-founded start-ups, helped my clients grow personally and professionally, and began to live the life of my dreams.

  • Board of Director Experience
    Operational / Corporate Leadership

  • Product Innovation & Commercialization

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Business Development

  • $MM Funding Letters of Intent

  • High-Stakes Negotiations

  • Agency / Government / Clients Relations

  • R & D / Product Development

  • Project Management

  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Integrations

  • Contract Administration

Recent Interviews

Susan has been interviewed and presented many times. Most recently, she's had the pleasure of being interviewed on many different podcast such as..

Why work with Susan?

Leverage my knowledge and network for your success.  

My client's successes have included:

  • Technology acquisition of a medical device with integration and market expansion leading to a tripling of sales.

  • Acquisition of a pharma business with a suite of products, full integration into their multinational systems and scaling product sales from to multi-millions (360% growth) in less than 3 years.

  • Expansion into new markets outside of North America of a product line including drugs, biologics and devices doubling sales for the division.

  • Strategy development, implementation and execution for funding of an awareness campaign for a zoonotic bacteria.

  • Co-founder of a biologic company, operational system development and increase of revenue from 256% in 18 months.

How do I connect with Susan?

Send an email: sgoebel2017@gmail.com

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YouTube                     LinkedIn

How do I connect with Susan?

Send an email: sgoebel2017@gmail.com

YouTube                     LinkedIn