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Does Your Business Need Operational Support?


There are lots of great companies out there - yours might be one of them!  Continuing to grow your business means you need to be strong in three areas: 


Sales & Marketing - to bring in the customers, 


Finance - to ensure you collect and manage your money and 


Operations - to ensure you have the systems in place to deliver on what you sold.


Great job getting to this point!  Through growth, you’ve created different challenges:


  • How much revenue is your organization able to produce?


  • Will you achieve your sales target for the year?


  • What is your business’ capacity limit, and when will you reach it?


  • How much money and how many resources does it take to sustain your revenue objective(s)?


  • Are your prices set correctly, or with every sale, are you leaving money on the table?


  • How many more sales do you need to get close to hitting your annual revenue target?


  • Do the current marketing activities deliver enough leads to help the sales team achieve the revenue objective?


  • Is your tech stack the right and best one for you as well as being scalable?


  • Are systems in place to retain your clients and increase their average lifetime value to the business?


  • Is your team clear on their roles and responsibilities?  


  • Do you have sufficient capacity for growth?


  • Do you have a virtual bench for your growing business?

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

To hit your targets, you need someone to help grow your team and scale your business.  Someone who can take the vision out of your head and help make it a reality, turn chaos into order.

Operational Support?

What are some of the signs that you need Operational Support?

  • Deep down you know you spend too much time working in your business and not on your business.

  • In your company, you feel frustrated and you struggle every day with the little things.

  • You know you need to strengthen and solidify your leadership team.

  • Your company is growing, and you need help with the chaos that exists because of this growth.

  • You are tired or burnt out and you can’t see how to remove yourself from the day to day operations.

Capable Operation Support Teams take the time to understand business activities and its role in the industry. This understanding informs critical strategic choices that are often key drivers of business growth. 


However, growing businesses don’t always need a full-time COO or Operations person to help.

What are you searching for? What, as the CEO, would bring tremendous value to you?


ECONOMIZING: The cost pressure associated with a full-time COO/Operations is eased by paying for a fractional role so the organization will avoid the recruiting and training expenses as well as the corresponding salary. This allows for access to knowledgeable people to help the business grow.

ACCESSIBILITY: Since time is valuable, another cost-saver is the immediacy of hiring a fractional Operations person. In situations where a company realizes they have a need and does not immediately start the search process, bringing in a part-time person provides immediate help. 


FLEXIBILITY: To provide greater flexibility within the position, recruiting only for what you need, provides an operational option “a la carte” that many businesses appreciate.


OPPORTUNITY: Businesses looking to recruit a full-time COO/Operations Lead can begin by recruiting a part-time person to make the transition easier for their employees. 

To do this, do you need:


A CONSULTANT: To lead a particular strategic imperative, such as a restructuring, a significant organizational change, or a proposed rapid expansion. 

AN ADVISOR: In order to mentor a young or inexperienced CEO (often a founder).  A rapidly growing entrepreneurial company should pursue an industry veteran who can build both the CEO and the emerging business with seasoning, wisdom, and a rich network.

AN INTEGRATOR or COO: Often, the CEO is simply the kind of person that works best with a partner. 



If any of these things sound familiar, you are in luck - that is what we do. 


If you don’t know what you need, let one of our team members guide you through seeing what an Operations person can do for you and your business.

Maybe you know that this would be the right choice for your business but you don’t have the $15,000 to $20,000 per month to hire a full time person. Our fractional Operations Team would be the most economic choice for you.



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Every business has unique needs.  Our team provides a number of services in different formats to suit each client’s needs.

Ready for your FREE Application to Deep Dive into your business?  Click HERE.

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90 Minute Needs Analysis
  • Conducted via Zoom 

  • 1-1 with an Operations Expert 

  • No Ongoing Commitment

  • Client Deliverables:

    • Outline what you want to work on

    • Bring any materials that will be beneficial to the discussion

  • Designed for CEOs and Founders who are scaling and want to get clarity on their strategy and to overcome challenges along the way

In Depth Clarity Session

Fractional COO Service
  • Much cheaper than hiring a permanent team member/team with the same experience and skills.

  • A flexible solution. We can discuss increasing or decreasing hours over time.

  • Access to top tier talent fractionally to scale the business.

  • Some businesses need hands-on support to see a shift in their operations. They may not have any in-house operational resources, or an operational resource that does not have the required expertise to help them scale.

Hands-on strategic & delivery support

COO Excellence Program
  • One on one mentorship support for a flexible period of time.

  • All support is based on the individual’s role in their existing firm and their portfolio of work. It is effectively on-the-job training NOT a cookie-cutter development program.
  • For people with existing operational resources they wish to keep, and upskill.

Boosting Your Resources

COO Audit To Excellence
  • A strategic review of operations by a skilled and experienced COO to spot issues.

  • Training and support to embed the learnings and progress through the action plan

  • For clients who need a deep dive to fix their ‘leaky buckets’, followed by support and training.

Removing All Obstacles


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