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Looking to Become a Better COO or Integrator?

Discover How to Rapidly Level Up Your Operational Management Skills, Become an Effective COO, and Generate Significant Growth Within the Business

Without Wasting Time, Learning Through Painful Trial & Error, or Failing Needlessly

Dear newly-appointed COO,


Are you feeling overwhelmed at the idea of running an entire company as second-in-command while being forced to figure everything out on your own?


Do you feel frustrated… worried… or even stuck about how you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully operate a business at a high level?


What if I told you that several newly-appointed COO clients of mine who read this very page, are now operating in their roles with crystal clear clarity, confidence, and competence…


This 1 thing’s effectiveness cannot be denied.

And that’s why I’m going to share it with you in just a moment. But first - why do so many people choose to skip over such a powerful strategy?


Maybe they want the satisfaction of figuring everything out on their own…


Maybe they like to work harder than they have to…


Or maybe they just never truly grasped the power of this super simple approach that can:

Salad (2).png

Rapidly level up your skills and quickly turn you into a competent COO

Salad (3).png

Unlock the clarity to know exactly what to work on in the business

(and specifically when)

Salad (4).png

And generate growth within the company you’re currently serving…

…All without having to waste time and fail miserably in the process.

… Simply By Leveraging the 1 Thing That Many Who Fail as COOs Choose to Ignore.

It’s the Fastest Way to Go From ‘Little or No Experience’ - to Running Business Operations Like a Pro

(And Experience the Joy of a Job Well Done)

Let me ask you this:


Would hearing more about this strategy interest you if my team and I could virtually guarantee it would save you months or even years of trial and error - so you can become an effective COO and start generating significant results as quickly as possible?


If you’re serious about excelling in your new role, I assume you answered with a resounding “Yes!”


But at the same time…


I understand if you’re maybe a little skeptical, because that’s only normal. So allow me to answer an important question before we go any further…

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Right now, you’re probably experiencing a lot of chaos in your life with all the new work and responsibilities you’ve recently been assigned.


That chaos is called the whirlwind.


The CEO is looking to YOU to run all of the day-to-day operations in their beloved business…


And if you fail, the company fails.


Game over.


The success of any COO’s career is based on their track record. Because who wants to hire someone who has a record of lackluster results and failed attempts?...


There’s a lot riding on you becoming properly skilled at operational management - and the faster you can get proficient at it, the better off you (and the company you’re working for) will be.




Navigating all the chaos and uncertainty that comes with learning how to manage the avalanche of day-to-day operations in a business can be incredibly stressful.


But there’s some good news…


My Team and I Specialize in
Turning Chaos Into Order

(And We’re Here to Help)


Susan Goebel

In case you don’t already know me, my name is Susan Goebel and I’m the CEO of the Scaling Management Consulting Group, Inc.


I’ve spent the last 2 decades helping top entrepreneurs and business owners level up their team’s skill sets, implement processes and high-level strategies, and evolve their companies into lean machines that virtually run themselves.


I noticed something over the years working with multiple businesses…


Many COOs were lacking the necessary skills and clarity required to do an excellent job.


I also noticed that it was nearly impossible to find a comprehensive library containing all the best practices, processes, and strategies required to successfully level up and become a better COO (more on that later).


And that’s because…

There is No ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach to Being an Effective COO or Integrator

Becoming an effective COO is not as simple as just reading some books and implementing. Because although that will help (and you should do it), it’s not enough.


So many things vary from business to business.


What works in one organization might not work in another. It’s only through months and months of trial & error that you can learn to operate as effectively as you can.

However, There is a Shortcut…


Would You Rather Spend Months (Or Even Years) Trying to Figure Everything Out On Your Own…

Bad hire.jpg

…Or Save Time Learning From Someone Who’s Already Done It All Before?

This brings us back to that 1 simple strategy I hinted at earlier that can shave off months, even years from your learning curve.


And here it is…


The easiest, fastest, and most effective approach to leveling-up your operational management skills is to have an experienced COO walk you through exactly what you should be doing in your specific situation - every step of the way.


Someone who’s already spent years doing what you’re about to do.

An expert.      A teacher.        A mentor.

Not just someone who can teach you a thing or two about how to properly manage operations…


But someone who will guide you, coach you, and ensure you’re focused on implementation.


Someone Who Will..

Equip you with the tailored knowledge, skills, and action steps YOU personally need to do an effective job starting TODAY

Listen to what you’re struggling with specifically (and help you overcome it with practical, proven strategies and processes)

Help you spot and avoid pitfalls that those without experienced COOs on their side often miss (and ultimately waste time on and fail)

And more!


Introducing: COO Excellence™

COO Excellence™ is the fastest way to avoid time-wasting failures, develop practical and effective skills, and deliver the results your CEO expects of you - ASAP!


No wasting time, this is meant to give you exactly what you need - when you need it - to successfully execute in your new role as COO and generate significant growth in record time.


❌ Becoming an exceptional COO doesn’t happen overnight… But it doesn’t have to take you years.

Let Me Ask You This…

If you knew:

Exactly WHAT To Do


And precisely HOW to do it…

…Would you agree you could do a significantly better job, with more confidence, in far less time?


That’s the power of coaching.


And right now, through COO Excellence™, we’re offering you the opportunity to partner up with a veteran COO or Integrator and receive regular 1-on-1 coaching calls to help you grow and succeed in your role with ease and confidence.


How We Work With Our Coaching Clients

When you join COO Excellence™, you’ll have access to your coach twice a month for 1 hour each call. During those calls, your coach will help you accelerate your progress with a powerful two-pronged approach…


Organic: On every call, your coach will listen to your feedback on what you’re struggling with RIGHT NOW. From there…


…They’ll steer the call in that specific direction to help you solve your immediate issues and help you push forward asap.


Curriculum: Based on your responsibilities and what you’re accountable for in the company, your coach will also cover specific topics that you must personally level-up in, possibly such as:

  • Situational Leadership

  • Servant Leadership

  • Leadership Traits

  • Core Values

  • Business Etiquette

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Budgeting

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Effective Delegation

  • Effective Communication

  • Books/Articles

  • “Triple A Mentality”

  • Proper Documentation

  • Team Health

  • Reporting / Data Analysis / Forecasting

Level Up in All the Areas YOU Require and Equip Yourself With a Roadmap to COO Success

When you take advantage of what we’re offering you today, you’ll unlock the fastest path to learning, leveling up, and leading effectively as the exceptional COO you’re expected to be.


COO Excellence™ will help you:


✅ Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do an effective job as COO


Save you months, even years of studying, trial & error, and costly mistakes


✅ Know exactly what to do (No guesswork!) - Just show up to your 1-on-1 coaching calls and receive precise advice and action steps from an experienced COO (based on YOUR current needs)


Impress your CEO and exceed their expectations by showing up like a professional, competent member of their executive team


Feel proud of yourself for taking the initiative to become a great COO and creating a significant impact in the company you’re serving


And more!


COO Excellence™ Also Comes With Free Access to Our Online Course - Scaling For Success

It’s Jam-Packed With Actionable Steps to Help You Get Results as a COO ASAP!

You might remember earlier on this page, I wrote that I could never find a comprehensive library containing all the best practices, processes, and strategies required to successfully level up and execute as a COO.




Scaling For Success™ is exactly that!


I knew COOs would seriously benefit from having this information at their fingertips, so I put it all together for them.


And when you join COO Excellence™ today, it’s all yours for free…


Scaling For Success™ includes 10 robust modules (as well as some bonus ones) designed as standalone learning elements.


This means you could dive straight into any specific area you’re struggling with, implement immediately, and see quick improvements.




You could go through each module in order, one by one. But regardless which path you choose to take, the important thing is to implement what you learn.

And Scaling For Success™ makes it super easy to do with a list of specific action steps to take at the end of every module.

AND, When you Book a Call and Show Up (No Purchase Required), We’ll Send You These 2 Free Digital Gifts:

Digital Gift #1


The ‘Little Black Book of Operations’

This to-the-point 22-page document contains 10 case studies from actual clients we’ve worked with over the years. With this digital book…

You’ll get a peek behind the curtain and discover some of the most effective ways we’ve solved their operations problems (so you can keep those solutions in your back pocket for when you’ll need them).


Solutions to common problems in areas such as:


  • Technology & Systems

  • Accountability

  • Profitability

  • Leadership

  • Execution

  • Customer Acquisition

  • And more!


It’s a quick read, and a powerful tool to help you start building your Operational Management tool belt.

Digital Gift #2

The ‘Pentagon Profit Process’

As CEO or Integrator, you’re directly responsible for the company’s growth. And the more you help it grow, the more expensive it will become (causing your profits to spiral downwards).


That’s why…


It’s mission critical to understand how to optimize your operations.


The ‘Pentagon Profit Process’ reveals the 5 pillars of profitable operations you need to address to ensure you’re running a profitable business as it keeps growing.


In this digital document, you’ll discover:


✅ How to negotiate better pricing & delivery terms with your vendors (cut costs, save money, and skyrocket your profits!)


Actionable strategies to increase your customer lifetime value and reduce churn (more profit, fewer expenses, and less work!)


✅ How to set the right KPIs and track your progress (to ensure you’re always making a profit)


✅ The sure-fire way to set up communication structures with your team (for maximum effectiveness and collaboration)


✅ Plus tons of real-life examples on how to implement effectively (so you have the clarity to take action and get results asap)


If you’re committed to becoming the very best COO or Integrator you can be, this is a must-have resource. And it’s yours for free…


…Along with the ‘Little Black Book of Operations’...


..When you book a call today and show up to speak with one of our Operations Specialists and see if our apprenticeship program, COO Excellence™, is right for you.


Here’s What Some of Our Coaching Clients Are Saying About COO Excellence™ and Scaling For Success™


Your CEO has high expectations of you. They put you in charge of running the whole operation.


So what would happen if you took too long to learn the ropes and start earning your pay?


How would your CEO feel about you if you didn’t take the initiative to learn and level up beyond simply “doing your best”?


How embarrassing would it be if you cost the company money because you weren’t exactly sure what you were doing?...

And here’s another harsh truth:

Whenever a surprise situation pops up and you’re unsure how to handle it (and they WILL pop up), your CEO won’t always be there to save you…


They have business trips, meetings, speaking engagements, etc.


They are BUSY!


This is why they need YOU!


And this is why you need someone in your corner.


A secret assistant who will always help you make the right move and make you look good no matter what comes up.


How would your CEO feel about you if you handled a surprise emergency like a seasoned pro?


How would they feel about you if you exceeded their expectations?

How would YOU feel about yourself if you could show up every day with confidence and excel in your role, knowing nothing can faze you because you have regular access to a professional who’s already “been there and done that”?

What if You Don’t Get Good Enough, Fast Enough?...

Here’s the blunt truth:


Your CEO is Watching Your Every Move… And You Have No Time to Lose

Let’s Transform You Into the Confident & Competent COO You Need to Be… ASAP!

It will cost you NOTHING to book a call with one of our Operations Specialists to see if this is for you - but it could cost you EVERYTHING if you pass this up and try doing it all on your own…


Your confidence


Your reputation


Your future as a COO


You’re in a privileged position to help your CEO transform their company, but that can only happen IF you have what it takes to make it happen.


There’s really no reason to attempt this all on your own…


Let us help you.

Image by

P.S. When you book a call with one of our Operations Specialists, here’s something to remember:

There’s no hard pitch coming your way.


We’re not ‘hard pitch’ people, we’re ‘invitation’ people.


If we don’t truly believe we can help you become a better COO in significantly less time than it would take you on your own, we don’t want your money and we respectfully won’t waste your time. (We’re all busy people!)


We only want to help those who want our help and will benefit from it.


The call is simply to see if we’re a good fit to work together, and answer any questions you may have.


And remember:


You’ll get ‘The Little Black Book of Operations’ and ‘Profitable Operations’ sent to your inbox free of charge - just for showing up to the call!


You really have nothing to lose.


So let’s talk.

Image by Toa Heftiba

P.P.S. If you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this page, let’s both agree on one thing:

You’re looking for help, and you feel we might be able to help you. But you’re just not sure…


I get it.


I do.


And that’s exactly why we keep slots open in our busy schedules (to have conversations about this sort of thing).


It’s absolutely necessary that you be certain that this is for you before working with us, because if you’re not certain - you won’t completely trust your coach. And if you don’t completely trust your coach…


You might as well just figure it all out on your own.


Because COO Excellence™ is about implementation. It’s about cutting down the amount of thinking you need to do and simply trusting the years of experience of your coach.


This isn’t for everyone…


(Believe me, we’ll tell you on the call if we don’t think this is for you).


Some people just aren’t ready to hit the fast track.


But if you’re serious about rapidly leveling up your skills, becoming an effective second-in-command, and generating significant growth within the business…

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