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Date your kid? That didn't make sense to me at all until....

As someone trained in EOS - the Entrepreneurial Operating System - it didn't make any sense to be at all to read this blog about dating your kids.

Then my daughter and I had an argument, which lead to a heart to heart and I understood. The quality time we take doing a fireside chat is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

We understand this and think: Of course we make time for our teams, family. But do we really?

Dedicated to time to just listen. Do we make enough time to build the trust and rapport necessary for healthy relationships? I spend a great deal of time with my clients and that day, I learned my daughter felt that she didn't have a dedicated time slot with just me. When you feel stuck, or your team is stuck the Issue Solving Track tool can work wonders!

Here is a great video that can teach you about discussing issues with your team. This tool will show you how to set up an issues, discuss it, solve it and make it go away for good. If you are looking to learn more about how EOS can help contact me or search for an implementer here.



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