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Your Ideas and The World

Ideas run the world, everything we enjoy today is a product of someone’s idea, and if the inventor didn’t unleash the idea into the world, one can only wonder what would have sufficed today.

Before we get right to the aspects of marketing and bringing the clients in contact with the product, you must grasp a foundational understanding of the fact that your idea is part of a larger world.

Most creators become unconsciously lost in the creation of an idea; they become so swarmed with the concept they create that they forget the role the world plays in the big picture.

This blog post will help you get a good start as a business owner with a critical foundational principle that is often skipped by many. It is expected that when we get to the end of this section, you will be equipped with knowledge on how you can create a product that is easily assimilated into the world.

For you to fully grasp the implication of how connected your idea is to the world, you should think of your business like a newborn baby. Everything the baby needs to survive is already made available in the world with the people around him/her.

Now, I want you to think about the child as your business idea.

The child’s parents and caregivers are your clients.

The world the child gets to live in is your target market.

With this simple illustration, you get to embrace the fact that you, your ideas, clients and the world are interconnected. If you want to succeed on this path, you must not only be conscious of this truth, however you must build your business around this truth which is the convergence point between you, your products and your end users.

As a creator in your field, it is imperative that you spend time discovering your ideal client. Remember that before the child is born, it goes through a birthing process; the birthing process for your idea shouldn't only be about creating the product.

As you create, start thinking about the implication this will have on the world when you are ready to launch. It is such a beautiful sight to behold watching a scientist create, it is like the world is prepared to receive a gift, but most creators stop at the creative process which can be problematic in the future.

So regardless of where you are currently with your plans for your idea, consistently think about the larger world and how your design fits into the system. If your business concepts do not solve a problem or meet a need, then it will float through the world aimlessly.

Before you try to get the attention of your clients and all that, you need first to ensure that there is a place for your idea in the world. Once you get this assurance, you can move on to the next step which is the primary reason why you are reading this book right now.

Your business will grow beyond your imagination when you are consistently conscious of the role your clients play in helping you perfect your plans.

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