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Veterinary Clinic Sale Checklist

Want a simple checklist to help you think through the sale of your clinic or hospital?

You're going to think I'm CRAZY - - I'm giving away a FREE Checklist - where I walk YOU through the 9 Key points you need to know when selling your practice.

Please right click on the PDF Checklist to save your copy to your desktop.

Information in the checklist has proven critical to the sale of other veterinary clinics and hospitals. 


We believe the checklist, which talks about the day to day business operations, will be useful for you as well.


Here's a few stories from Veterinarians who took the time to prepare: 

“I had thought about succession planning for about 10 years before selling. I had started reading books and gone to a succession planning seminar.  The biggest thing that I took away from that was the emotion of selling. I had to think through and plan how I would sell:  whether I would sell to an associate, or to anyone who came into the practice. So having those things already figured out in my mind made this so much easier.”

"…I had a lot of hopes and wishes and I did try many times to encourage other veterinarians to come and work at the practice or look the practice and see if they would perhaps want to be a part owner. I'd ride with many different people to see if we could work out some kind of a buy-in arrangement. As soon as people found out what it takes to run a business, usually they ran as far they could.  I had to spend the time thinking and preparing to successfully make the transition.”


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